Garry's Mod Movies and Copyright Infringement


I am making a short film to enter it into a contest. The contest is very small and there is no prize and there won’t be much attention on it. In fact the submissions have to be a minute long. Anyway, they don’t want to screen anything that might infringe copyright so I need to know what is okay and what is not. I am using the video and no sound. How can I get this kind of information from Valve? I mean, is it possible to get something from Valve stating what they see as legitimate and not infringing on copyright?



As long as the video is not for your profit, you should not run into any copyright problems… and that you actually bought Garry’s Mod.

As long as you aren’t claiming the content of the video as your own or profiting you’ll be fine. Make sure you also list Garry/VALVe in the credits.