Garry's Mod Mythbusters Rocket Sled Episode

Created by myself. A spinoff of the Mythbusters rocket sled episode.

Mythbusters version:

My Version: [media]

Haha, pretty funny.

Boom boom.


Your voice sucks


Also physics addon lets you make the prop speed to over 9000

His voice isen’t that bad, stfu

That was actually pretty funny. Good job.

Thanks you guys. I found out about the physics unlimiter after making the video. It wouldn’t have changed anything anyways, as after the rocket sled crashed, I deleted the car model, and replaced it with the crashed car model. I wouldn’t know how to do it like where it smashes up into 10000000 pieces.

I had a nice microphone but I let my brother borrow my pre-amp so I had to stick with a headset mic (poor quality), which means my voice may sound a little high pitched with no bass.

You guys should suggest what I could do in the next episode of this garry’s mod mythbusters.

It’s Garry’s mod, not Gery’s mad.

It’s still annoying as fuck.

I stopped watching after hearing his voice. Ughh.

also fail the car was a different car afterwards and was barely damaged

you shoulda built a car out of props with forcewelds

i fucking hate your voice in these videos, your enthusiasm is comparable to that of a talking zombie. seriously, amp up your voice volume in these videos and put more bass in that voice, it was absolutely horrid.

a few laughs, less -ahem-, and you need to do VOICE editing. not one cut will do it.

i’m emphasizing your voice here because it’s the thing i have to deal with when i watch through your video and when i realize how upbeat the mythbusters are to your gmodbusters it makes me cringe.

so please for the love of god work on it.

If you did not see my post above, here it is again. It resolves the troubles you have in my videos.

I don’t see that resolving any troubles

sounds to me like you have a shitty annoying voice, stop making excuses

Heh, Buck Cherry.