Garry's Mod: Mythbusters

** Series is being continued due to populous. I keep getting messages after releasing episode 1 to continue, so I will.**

** This thread is to be used as a myth submission thread only please. **

ALL MYTH SUBMISSIONS MUST BE MYTHS USING A VIRGIN COPY OF GARRY’S MOD. This means no LUA or addons allowed in your myth. We may use props and such from other mods, but your myth must be in an original form. If it can’t be done with a standard version of Gmod, it’s busted.

Rory: Picks Myths, Mapping, and Narrator
Recon77: Picks Myths, server hosting, building
Kilala: Myth Research, Camera
HorneyToe: Builder, Drawings, Animation

** Demonstration Episode: **

** Episode One: **


  1. Driving through breakable objects will not decrease your speed in a vehicle if easily broken.
  2. Two cars colliding at opposite speeds of 60 is the same as the impact of a vehicle going 120 crashing into a solid wall.

** Filming in Progress **

The most popular ones will be chosen and you will get to see it in action weekly.

** This thread will be for Myth submitting only. Please talk about the show or the current episodes in their thread. **

[20:42] Recon77: Myth Submissions:
Myths must be submitted in the style of a myth. If you ask it in a question (For example: Does a mingebag have feelings?) that myth will be ignored and you should feel sorry for yourself. Now, a proper myth is such as if you were told something from a friend that is outlandish. Such as, “One day, when I was in this build server, I saw this mingebag. This seemed like a typical mingebag, but something was different, he seemed to possess compassion to other people.” This is the way a proper myth should be posted, then we will pose ourself the question, and find out through our scientific and special ways.

i love the mythbusters and a gmod mythbusters would be cool


And wooo means…?


A Myth:Can i Minge Bag Hold Some Thing In Its Hands?The Answer In The Myth It Says Yes Prove That Its Wrong!



I would love to help. Yeah I can probably get an hour or two a week. Can’t say much about the recorder though. I have a regestered version of Fraps though.

Make a legible sentence please.

I do not have Xfire but can you PM me?

Why don’t you see if you can replicate some of the myths from the real show and edit them to be slightly gmod related, maybe the ejector seat could be a good start.

crash one server one barrel?

You know, If you thought of this earlier, you could have made the episode and sent it in for that contest they are doing.

Damn, wish I would’ve known about that.

Once we get a bit more organized I’ll make a poll of redoing real-show myths in a gmod sense, or doing gmod myths.

Nice, i think the ejector seat is a really good idea.

By the way, if you need any help making these, i can gladly help.

Ohh I already Have a myth! :slight_smile:

Myth #1:

Can a plane fly without using thrusters,hoverballs,or vehicles?

Edit: Can I be an actor?

Myth: Recruitment threads like these usually amount to something! this one should be easy as hell to disprove.

Myth: Garry isn’t god. :downs:
Myth: Mingebag’s are ruled by a great leader
Myth: SR > Un-Reg Fraps

Welcome Recon77 to the team.

We’re working on a sort of “demo” tonight so you guys have a default to look towards.

Keep an eye peeled for a new thread.

No. Myth busted.

Fine then,

How about If you magnetise an ent_phys (the movable objects in maps,) You will crash.