[Garry's Mod]Need Modeler Please

Hi Everyone !
i really need a modeler for transform this Ragdoll :

into a Player Model please lot of people love this and want this for player model but can’t have :frowning:

Please need Modeler
Thank you :slight_smile:

there’s no model there. Just takes me to the steam community hub

this is Editing sorry the link is good now ^^

ill give it a try

Thanks you so much :slight_smile:

haven’t tested it.

Ok this work but when i selected it she have a t-pose and the hand in firstperson is not reskin but is a good work for this moment :slight_smile:

Alright, ill look into the tposing tomorrow, but the hands in the first person aren’t supposed to change. I didn’t model nor will model the c_models.

ok thank you so much :smiley: