Garry's Mod Need translation

Many of us may think - why very big and famous sites (like google or letitbit(still it is)) have supply for multiple languages? Why can’t have it? I think that would be great!

Because the only words on that would need translating are "

"Hey! - You need to log in to Upload Files - Log In | Join
Home "

The rest are tags provided by the uploaders.

Russian Translation:

“Эй! - Тебе нужно войти чтобы Выкладывать(Загружать, заливать) Файлы - Войти | Регистрация
Главная страница”

Let’s translate it into German, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and some other languages? xD

Swedish, danish, norwegian and finnish too. Don’t forget these countries

It was more sarcasm than anything. They don’t need translating.

Oh, and don’t forget all the accents in America. You need Detroit, Boston, Texas…

Well, since none of the required sentences contain any r’s, no need to translate into Bostonian!

How about a Volapük translation?

Good point!

What about Binary?
Or Pig Latin?
Hell, maybe Egyptian Hieroglyphics?



Finnish translation:
Hei! - Sinun täytyy kirjautua sisään lähettääksesi tiedostoja - Kirjaudu sisään | Liity
Weird langage, huh? :smiley:

Indonesian translation:

Hei! - Anda harus log in untuk Upload File - Log In | Join

Japanese translation.
“おい! - あなたのアップロードファイルにログインする必要があります - ログイン|登録

Good translated that perfectly.

Good luck getting this implented… Word of advice though… You may want to learn English.

We’ll also need Chinese, Arabian, Scottish, British, Irish, French, Russian and more.

Webdings? =D



While I’m English, dutch plays a minor part in most of my friendships., translation party’d:

“Hey! Cases, you can upload -, - Hotels | Homuroguinroguin If you need to participate”

+60 smartness to whoever figures out what that means.


It DOES mean something.

I have an uncanny ability to recognize Base64 encoding within seconds of looking at it. :ohdear: