Garry's Mod needs fix'n?

Personally, not much.

1. Organizing
Garry’s Mods’ workshop needs better organizing, I think the duplicates, films, saves, and addons need to be organized for exclusion. This way users could cancel out what they don’t want, and keep what they do want. There are so many duplicates that’s not even funny…

2. Author care
Authors also need to be protected on the workshop, users constantly ask questions that annoy the author and with no way to block these questions the author becomes unresponsive.
Authors should be compensated for the work. Authors put a shit ton time and effort into their work and get nothing in return. Example:, one idea is to put Adfly Link in their description so the subscriber can click it and give the author money.

As for as game modes, I don’t play that much online. We just need people to be more creative.

I don’t think there’s much the devs can do to control the Steam Workshop.

1st point:
You can choose “Addon” in the drop down menu to filter out saves and dupes, but I agree that saves and dupes are clutter.
2nd point:
a) You can delete comments.
b) ScriptFodder.
3rd point:
“Be more creative” is easier said then done. What have you made?

A) Not when its a tidal wave of comments, help, and suggestions of everything under the sun.
B) Although paying upfront is a good idea, it needs to be done passively like or another site, so people don’t endup want to kill you like paid mods in skyrim.

  1. I was thinking of Pirates, but i’ll get back to you on that.

People usually don’t want to do adfly either.

If we want the workshop to be more creative, we’re the ones that’ll need to set the example. Those who have the ability to code something original and creative will be the ones to inspire the current 12 year olds of the workshop to either start asking for more creative shit in place of boring models and shitty scripts or inspire them to take up coding and modelling to learn how to make their own creative shit.

Like zerf said, it’s easier to just propose that the workshop needs creativity instead of getting down to business and creating something.

It’s Lua. A Free Scripting language for a game people already payed for. Releasing scripts for paid use is generally frowned upon. It’s one thing to hire a coder, but I’ve always felt like paying for a custom coded MOTD or Scoreboard is really stupid. Like those people who tried to charge money for RP gamemodes. I understand the point, but it’s silly.

I think they would if it was mentioned in description that it helps

Most popular languages are free: C++, Java, C#, Lua, JavaScript. Just because language is free, doesn’t mean its content has to be free.

Most of these scripts are not for any ordinary people, but for server owners who usually make money from donation and stuff. Also even tough people did pay for the game, devs who make custom content does not get a dime.

The only case where Garry did pay to the developers was during fretta contest. IIRC the dev got rewarded $10k for TTT gamemode.