Garry's mod needs more Cyberpunk maps.

Really… I think there’s Lots to take in this universe, especially in RP.
In truth, I found that :

What do you think?

Agreed, cyberpunk is a neat style and I too think there should be more of such maps.
If I were any good at making custom textures I would have made my own cyberpunk maps already!

if you download and mount the mod Dystopia, it has tons of cyberpunk maps

Dystopia is a DM mod, it is not really made for Garry’s Mod. I was thinking earlier of a map RP and why not a GameMode ?



You can still use it on Garrysmod?

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Thought you were leaving and never coming back.

Neotokyo has some nice cyberpunk maps.

Now Anonymous… was that called for at all? He didn’t do anything wrong, and was being helpful to the thread. Besides, he’s been back for a while now anyway, and hasn’t said/done anything wrong since he has. In fact, he has a cool Pink Floyd stage show project going on for a while now, but it was unfortunately cancelled for understandable reasons.

I honestly didn’t think people still took things seriously on the internet.