Garry's Mod needs more Structure

Garry’s Mod’s fundamental gameplay hasn’t changed in years and the beauty of the Sandbox mode is purely due to it’s open-ness. The problem though, is it’s open-ness and the lack of solid sub-sandbox game-modes. People simply have no idea what to build, and most people play a game such as Garry’s Mod as something of a much more powerful version of Legos. However, Lego’s was great because all it involved was putting a piece on top of another or beside another. Garry’s Mod would be the equivalent of making those pieces, showing the computer how to put it together, and then finally putting it together. It needs structure. If it were to have a more structured game-play that wasn’t riddled with bugs and poor design then this game would vastly improve. Structure is what makes games like Fallout 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops to be so successful. The user doesn’t have to think about what to do, they just do it. Another option to remain open while providing structure is a Garry’s Mod game-mode to create other game-modes, alongside the default Sandbox. This would make the features of the game more focused on what the user does, rather than what the user can do. I believe this would make for a much more successful Garry’s Mod, and as a result a much happier community of gamers.

Please reply with your thoughts.

Paragraphs? :psyduck:

There are already dozens of gamemodes out there that offer guided gameplay. Or are you asking for a more structured building mode?

Yes, that’s what I meant by sub-sandbox game-modes, and one game-mode that allows you to build other game-modes.

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Is it a game mode needed for this sort of thing? Couldn’t you just organize it yourself within a server? Also, comparing the success of a sandbox game to Fallout 3 or Black Ops is a little backward isn’t it.

Why should it be? People should look at why games are successful or not successful and improve upon it to make their own game more successful.

I’m also not saying get rid of the Sandbox mode, I’m saying take it and make it something better, and allow others to do the same much easier.

I’m sort of working on this.

What is it exactly? Good job on the main page by the way! Is your sandbox mod going to have any integration with Garry’s Mod?

Half-Life 2: Sandbox is this free sandbox mod I’ve been working on since Feb 9th, 2010. And thanks! Nah, it’s just a new mod. It’s got a scripted weapon platform and gamemodes, too, but I just recently fixed some stuff with scripted weapons, and no one knows about the mod, really. No one’s telling their friends about it, and I haven’t been making playable releases. It’s gone through nearly 1000 updates without a single playable demo, yet.

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I was thinking about releasing the first playable alpha, then like releasing an update every week.

That sounds very similar to Garry’s Mod. What does it do that’s different from Garry’s Mod?

Not much yet, really. I wanted to push for a campaign, but that’s on the backburner.

So if you aren’t solving any problems with the current solution already out there, why are you making this?

Sandbox won’t be how you see it in GMod. There’s a 50% chance you won’t be using physics guns, and instead of noclipping, you’ll fly around as a modified city scanner to build.

There’s also many development changes I can make at will any time, the first year was really just coding internal stuff.

But what’s the problem you’re trying to solve?

A different video game in the same genre isn’t a problem, it’s just another video game. Games aren’t solutions, if anything they’re competition relative to their own genre.

I think what Garry’s Mod needs is a sandbox gamemode that has huge limitations, instead of the current sandbox where everything is given to you and nothing is left to the imagination.

Wire mod gave the players some essential tools that they needed, but it gave the players too many tools and now everyone can build whatever they want without much difficulty or complexity.

Let’s look at another sandbox game for a bit. Check out Little Big Planet. It’s successful because it doesn’t have complex tools like Expression 2 or CPU’s. It gave the bare minimums of what we call wiremod and it let the players make everything else.

Let’s check out Minecraft. It’s also successful because it limits the players. It gives the players the bare minimum and didn’t let them do everything immediately, instead they had to build whatever they wanted. You couldn’t just click once and build an “AND” gate, you’d have to build it out of the physical world.

But there also shouldn’t be too many limits, or else that would make the game way too primitive and traps player creativity.

Now, someone can make a gamemode that just lets you create bare minimums, but can’t you just go on sandbox and tell yourself that you’re going to make something amazing only using certain tools? And I do remember one of my friends making a Team Fortress 2 gamemode purely out of wiremod.

Fallout 3 and Black Ops also had a lot more resources available to make and sell them. For example, shortly priot to it’s release, you couldn’t turn on a television, go to a website, or talk to a young child without hearing a commercial for Black Ops. Gmod is usually discovered via word of mouth.

Don’t you think that has a shit ton more to do with their success?

My friend made a multi-player space shooter game. Similar to asteroids, but in 3 dimensions.

I like sandbox just the way it is to be honest.

I agree that we’ve been spoiled with tools making things we spent effort on before seem useless. Minecraft is kind of gonig in the same direction from what I’ve seen.

I remember garry saying he was looking forward to see what the community would make out of garrysmod, since he just provided basic tools.

I like sandbox because I have to think and I have full freedom. There was a few build oriented gamemodes before. I remember one which objective was to build an airlpane and fly as long as possible. This was way before all the current tools including wiremod.

There’s the robot arena gamemode too where you’re supposed to build a robot or something (I forgot what it’s called)

spacebuild too

But sandbox itself is good as it is. It’s just complete freedom. It’s up to us to make the build oriented gamemodes

Wow. So you would prefer a gameplay style supporting a player who is essentially a mindless zombie pushing buttons to satisfy a machine. The point of a sandbox game is the freedom from objectives. If you want something else, get or write a new gamemode. This game is built off the community support. If you have a problem with it, change it.

Also, comparing Gmod to a game like Fallout 3 or Black Ops is positively daft. That’s like going to a supermarket and walking up to the clerk and saying “I bought these apples, but I want to return them because they don’t taste like oranges.” If you want an orange, don’t buy an apple.