Garrys mod, no servers are responding.

Hey, I’m having a problem, All of the gmod servers online are not responding.

All of the servers say they are not responding, and I can’t join any. This all happened out of nowhere. I’ve been hearing other people having this problem and just waiting it out, but others who have had this problem and been stuck with it permanently. So, is there any sort of fix? What is even going on?

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I have Restarted Gmod/Steam and Verified integrity of files. Nothing helps.

It would be highly appreciated if anyone could help.

Check your internet, might be something with speed. If the ping goes over 1000 constantly they never load fully.
When I get that problem (I got a decent internet) I easily spam the join button then it works. Try that ^^

Try checking the filters in the server list. I’ve had some filters enable themselves before, which made me see no servers in the server list.