Garrys mod not letting me use the top row of numbers to control thruster / etc

Hey there! (first post imma nube) Anyway I was playing garrys mod yesterday and when i tried to make a car (i followed the tutorial perfectly) it sais to set the keys to 7 and 4 on the numberpad. I dont have a number pad, and the number buttons on my laptop do not make anything happen. What is wrong and how do i fix it?

Get a PC

Or buy a USB keyboard you can connect to your laptop.
They aint too expensive.

They also sell USB numpads that are designed for laptops for that reason. They are much smaller than a full size keyboard so you can pack it in your laptop case making it very portable. I’d recommend buying one of those, or if you don’t mind lugging a keyboard around you can always do what Drumdevil suggests and buy one of those too.