Garry's Mod not loading addons

It seems now that gmod isn’t loading certain addons, both workshop and legacy. This just started today, yesterday everything was fine.

Workshop subscriptions

addons folder

However in game most of these don’t show up. Servers with the addons I have have the models/textures as errors. I have already verified game files, it redownloaded a few files but the problem still persists. Has there been an update that broke it or is it just my game?

It’s my game too. I think an update did mess things up.

I was worried I maybe the only person. There is a temporary workaround, and that is to start Steam in Offline Mode. However, I found that a lot of the old addons you thought you deleted will appear back onto your spawn list.

That’s just because they were never actually deleted, just blocked from showing up since you stopped subscribing.

I noticed that happening to me last night. I unsubbed and resubbed to every single one of my addons, and it seemed to work…

Until I turned Gmod on this morning. The same problem again. :confused:

Seems like an update problem. Just wait it out, I guess.

Did garry did something dumb again? But yea. It’s happening to me too :confused:

Same problem here. GMod is pretty much unplayable for me right now because most of my creations rely on addons. :frowning:

There was no GMod update in the past few weeks. It could be on Steam’s end.

[del]Are you guys on Dev version of the game?[/del] Nevermind.


Is there a fix or workaround for this? I’m missing pretty much all maps and GM_Construct is only good for so much.

Wait it out. It’s not an issue with Garry’s Mod since there has been no recent update, it seems to come from Steam itself.

You can unpack the addons for time being using gmad.exe, you still have the files, but be aware that this WILL increate loading times.

What about to send a mail to steamsupport? Maybe they can fix this mess.

Steam support can’t help you ( or us ) with this. Only Garry can get Valve to look into this, and he isn’t around till next week.

me too

No this needs to be fixed asap resource.AddWorkshop is fucked up as well.

What the actual fuck. Gmod is ALWAYS fucked up SOMEHOW, whether it’s no “q” menu, lua errors, or this. :suicide:

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What’s the problem? How did it suddenly happen?

I’m having this issue too, anyone have a work around?