Garrys Mod not saving progress of building

Hello all, bit of a noobie question incoming,

recently purchased a dedicated gmod server for me and a few friends to play around on, was on it last night after setup having a great laugh and building things, then my internet dc’ed me and couldn’t get reconnected till this morning, the other 2 players on the server stayed on playing for a few hours then this morning when i jumped onto the server too see what they had been building the map was empty, there was nothing there at all.

now my question is: is there a command line we have to add / type to save the progress on a dedicated server?
was it because non of us was as an admin on the user cfg file?
was it some sort of bug?

if the server restarted during the night there’d be nothing

if they deleted things, nothing

if someone else came onto the server and you didn’t have prop protection, nothing.

Apparently the server hosts reset the servers at 3AM if the server is empty, sent them a message and they are going to look into changing that on my server, thankyou for the reply!!