Garry's Mod not saving settings, not showing lighting in-game

Hi, I have a very strange problem that needed to be solved.

I have been busy with my work so I haven’t played Gmod or used Steam for 4 months.

Now that I’m back, my Garry’s Mod and Steam is acting really weird:

  1. Launch Options not saving
    Whenever I typed anything into the box and accept it, it does not save:


  1. Options does not save
    This is after I have set it.

After resetting the game:

  1. Flashlights, lights does not work
    This is when I turned my flashlight on, along with the lamp. No lights at all

If you can, please help. I have never had this problem before until now.

Have you validated gmod, rebooted computer and steam, or reinstalled gmod?

Welcome back, Here are some solutions…

Verify gmod, Defrag, Try/lookup other solutions, Looks like something to do with your graphics card (Since lights aren’t rendering, Or maybe not GPU but something similar), If all fails re-install garry’s mod, Or delete your gmod folder then reinstall.

And your settings, After saving them (Like the video settings) make sure you hit APPLY first and not just hit OK, Actually I had the same problem before…It fixed itelf after an update, I was putting my graphics settings on low and they kept resetting to high every restart, Seems just more broken shit…

Edit: From the looks of the blocky texture and your physgun, It looks like you took your video card, It looks worn out or broken…Since nothings rendering correctly or the textures are faked up.

edit2: Make sure you try your game with color correction, Shadows ,ETC on HIGH then low fool with them a bit. Also post your specs

Oh and since you say you’ve been gone a while, So im gonna fill you in…steampipe. Nuff said. Broke gmod completely, Could be the reason but still post your specs.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try to validate and defrag Garry’s Mod
I’ve already reinstall Steam, Deleting and Reinstall Gmod.

Here are my specs:

PS: I don’t know if this helps but

A friend of mine have been playing Gmod recently, and since I’m lazy to update all the stuff, I borrowed the data from him instead. He’s using a shitty PC with Intel G41 Express, Core 2 Duo with 3Gb of RAM. I copied his Garry’s Mod GCF and files into an external HDD and load it into my Laptop.

You cannot resist the power of SteamPipe. Live with it

Also, the launch option for Window mode is “-window”

Well, Can’t really tell but…I’m gonna go right off the bat and just say this is the magic of steampipe

Gmod is extremely broken right now but I’d recommend trying it on a different or a friends computer, Could still be your hardware knowing that you’re using a branch of an AMD card (ATI)

Did you try re-installing? Or try another source game and see if the problem still consists.

Even my TF2 and Counter Strike Source have these problems, not saving launch options, video settings and lighting got **** up

Any solution, please?

You really need to reinstall Steam if this is happening to every one of your source games…

Does your steam folder only have read permissions?

I would suggest reinstalling steam since you have not used it for 4 months. It may help…

I reinstalled steam (still using the old steamapps folder) and the problem persists.

I had to delete everything, then redownload and reinstall every game in the Library. Kinda painful but that fixed the problem