Garry's MOD not starting up?

Hey guys. I re-installed Garry’s MOD today along with Half-Life 2 + Eps and CS:S. And whenever I try to launch Garry’s MOD, it comes up with a window saying that it’s launching. Then closes automatically, and my avatar’s outline turns green (it means that I’m playing a game) and then suddenly turns back to blue. I get no error code, no nothing. hl2.exe isn’t even running the background. Any help?

EDIT: This is actually happening to all games I’ve recently installed.

Also, could it be because of my launch options?

what launch options do you have then? I suppose it could be the options yes.

Try turning of the shift tab option in the game, also it may be your anti virus or windows firewall, check those 2 as well.

Oh right, that gave me the hardest time, when Windows security kept blocking garrysmod from the internet so I couldn’t do much of anything, and I was running it in fullscreen so I didn’t see the alert.

I don’t think it could be the launch options, I’ve tried removing them and the game still hasn’t started up and I’m not getting any error saying that it’s being blocked.

I might try Roxter.Rocking’s option.

Restart steam

Roxter.Rocking’s option didn’t work and I’ve already tried restarting Steam. I’ll see if re-installing the game again works by any chance.

-dxlevel 81?

This is my launch options: -dxlevel 80 -w 1280 -h 1024 -windowed -noborder

Have you tried -autoconfig

What does that do?


Re installation did not work.

All I know is it works for this kind of shit. If I am correct though, it brings the game back to the default factory settings. worked on HL2 DM for me when I had this kind of issue.

Did you install it as administrator?

How do I do this through Steam?


I’ll try this. Do I do this launch option by itself or with my current launch options?

Easy, just set your account on windows to administrator.

Just try damn -autoconfig in the launch properties. It works. I had an issue like this in HL2:DM. I’d try to launch, and it would basically automatically close after a second or so. After I did -autoconfig, it started to work properly again. Try it without your other launch options first. After it starts working re-add your old launch options and delete -autoconfig.

Didn’t work, still having the same problem. I’m gonna try restarting my computer and to see if that helps.

Try running the other games to see if they work.

Other steam games work.


Restarting computer did not help. I can’t fix this problem, someone help?


This is actually happening for all the games I’ve recently installed.

Bump. Still need help!