Garry's Mod: Not telling Steam that game is closed after closing GMod

This specific problem only happens, and consistently happens. It happens despite how I close the game. Very annoying as I cannot open any other Source game as long as Steam considers it running. Please fix this.

Yeah this issue is a pain in the dick that’s been around for a long time. To workaround it after closing out the game open up task manager, find hl2.exe, and end it.

It also happens for me as well but only, if I leave GMod for too long. The solution from the post above has always fixed the problem.

Yes for me it’s only happening when I close the game with the Windows close button on the window.
It’s not happening when you close the game on the menu or when you kill the process directly

Perhaps it might be useful to keep a shortcut on your desktop or task bar to end the process.

taskkill /f /im hl2.exe