garrys mod not working for 2 months help!

so gmod starts up and its say preparing launch, and then the screen is at a very low resolution and then just blacks out and shuts down. its been pissing me off for a while now, anyone have the answer?
pc specs:

Nividia Geforce GTX 460
Directx 11
core i5 intel
Generic PnP monitor

  1. Directx doesent matter
  2. are you on a 32 bit or 64 bit System?
  3. wich OS are you using (Windows XP, Vista, 7)
  4. Do you have enaugh RAM?
  5. Did you try to verify the GMOD cache?

i have 64 bit, running windows 7. i have 4gb of ram
and i did verify the cache!

First time trying to launch Garry’s Mod?

I get this when source games run at a non-native aspect ratio and low resolution.
Whats the max resolution for your monitor?



Update video driver?

Update ypur Video Drivers and you can force your native resolution with the -w -h parameters in Start Up Options

For Example:
-w 1024 -h 768

I did what you suggested, my video card is fully updated. and ive used 3 different video cards, this error appeared when that gmod update happened. ill paste the up date bellow that disabled me to play the game.
Garry’s Mod
Added PHX content pack
Changed default loading screen
sv_client_predict now defaults to 1
Ragdolls now copy skin, blood colour, material
No longer crashes when modelprecache is full (instead refuses to load new models)
Disabled scriptenforcer when playing demos
Fixed ‘out of edicts’ error - won’t create new entities if we’re near the limit
Servers can now define a loading screen for people joining their server (sv_loadingurl)


do you have phx installed on top of the built in phx…it might be causing a conflict within the game.

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avoid insulting people who are trying to help you. Are all your drivers up to date and have you installed the latest windows update?

yes, every single thing that could be updated on my computer is up to date. this is the most confusing, frustrating thing Ive ever dealt within a game…

Worst comes to the worst, copy your addons folder out, reinstall GMod through Steam, then copy them back in.

none of that works ive tried it two times. its a software error i think with the game. look at the update data i posted and see what could be compared to my specs and such.


Email your crash dump to garry at
The crash dump file is located in: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps*USERNAME*\garrysmod