Garry's Mod not working?


I have garry’s mod (obviously) and I started it up to play, it starts normally, goes to the loading screen, then crashes. An error box pops up saying “hl2.exe has stopped working”. I want to know why it isn’t working. I have all the minimal requirements… And it is pissing me off. My friend has the same computer and his works… And I don’t want to get another source because my parents will get pissed off at me if I get another game…

And yes I am new to Garry’s Mod…

Kind of hard to help you when the profile you have linked apparently doesn’t have Garry’s Mod.

Whoops… just noticed it is posted in the wrong place… sorry!


I have Garry’s Mod. And HL2 and HL2: Lost Coast…

And If you don’t believe me, go to steam>community and search xzerox and look for the profile that has the same profile picture as the one on these forums.

Well, I have Garry’s Mod working, but there is something that really annoys me, other than that I have to restart my computer after playing hl2 games, portal, and gmod to play a different game, and it is that in the game, when I press and hold “q” to bring up the prop spawner and tools windows, are wierd. Like, i have seen videos of people giving tutorials on how to do stuff on garry’s mod and the windows are the same size, but my prop spawner window is about this wide: || while the tool thing is about this big:

How can I resize them?

ps: sorry if this is hard to understand… I am real tired right now because it is 1:24 in the morning…