Garry's Mod NPC Problem (Broken Model?)

Hi guys, not sure if Im supposed to post this here or not but since its related to a model im posting here.
I downloaded a Hatsune Miku NPC yesterday and when I spawn it its body comes out all fu**ed up, let me show you what I mean…

Most times its the hair, but other times its the arms & hair, etc.

But when I spawn the regular ragdoll, shes perfictly fine, I can even pose the face without a problem:

So is there any way to fix this?


I think you can wait for more than 13 hours.

Also, I looked around on google and your steam profile doesn’t exist. But for youtube,minecraft,and all your other social websites, that’s your name, and I don’t think you would change one name for the steam profile.

So yeah, prove that you’re not using pirated gmod.

probably a rigging issue. not something you can fix.

Errrr… What makes you think I have pirated gmod?
Dont you ever think that those search keys didnt generate enough hits to register in google yet?

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Oh, ok…thx nuke

Then link your steam account

So you can go snoop around on my stuff there? I dont think so…

You’re an obvious pirate

case closed

Cant prove it,
for all you know i just dont want to give you my steam acc.
NOW its case closed, have a nice day, joe.

Why is it that you just happen to use the username mikeyabeast24 for basically everything; Minecraft, Youtube, Xbox, Weebly, and even a fucking GoAnimate account, yet there isn’t a single Steam acc registered to the name?

And then you bump your own thread for a pointless comment you can’t even back up with proof?

Honestly, there’s nothing to “snoop through” on a steam account. You’re not fooling anyone.

I don’t get why people think that when we ask for their account, we instantly just want to add someone to troll or spam. We don’t actually want to do anything like that, just linking your Steam profile page would just let us know if you have a legit copy of Garry’s Mod. If you don’t have a legit copy, just admit it, no biggie. Then that’d solve everything, you’d have a old/outdated illegal copy of the game, and we’d instantly be able to tell you your problem with the model. Though even if you say you have a legit copy, no one will know if you’re telling the truth(Unless you link us to your profile for proof) and we won’t be able to help solve your problem. No one is here to add you, you can easily block people from Steam if they instantly add you to spam/troll you even if someone does bother to waste your time, as well as theirs.

Whenever I try to spawn a strider, it is invisible and I can’t attack it, but when I press Z it says ‘undone strider’. Please tell me why it does this and why I can’t spawn a strider. Trying to make Combine bases just isn’t that fun anymore…

NPC striders won’t have AI nodes so they wont work but I’m sure an addon out there could help you.

but I’ve not played in a real long time so.

No addons that I know of, it sucks how striders won’t spawn for me…