Garrys Mod Num Pad Help

I just re downloaded garrys mod on my new laptop, only it doesnt have a numpad that you use to use all the gadgets it has (e.g. the turrets, dynamite, etc.) Is there a way i can change which keys to use?


No. ( Check keys in options derp)

i know the commands by using the options menu. in console: bind # “+gm_special #” with the quotations and numbers 1-9 in the “#” characters.



Look for a function + numlock key to turn on the numpad, 99% of laptops have this, you just need to hold down FN while doing it.

My old laptop (new one has a numpad) didn’t have one, so I simply rebinded some of the keys to fuction like the numpad ones.

You can buy a Usb numpad for laptops, its easier than binding keys…

google the question… I got that in less than 10 seconds…

If you’re laptop hasn’t got those keys then uninstall gmod and get a desktop pc.

go on the menu(or ingame)go to options, go to the keyboard, find the list of NM(numberpad). highlight them and click edit key. press any key on the keyboard and repeat as needed.

or buy a usb keyboard (like me :smiley: )

You probably have a FN button, press and hold it, then push the button thats highlited blue on your keyboard. Ex. FN+N is numpad 0 i think.

if your laptop has a function button you can hold down function and press the keys that have blue numbers or symbols on them

Hold fn and use these buttons for the numpad: