Garry's Mod + nVidia GTX260 = Black screen (common issue?)

So I have this serously irritating issue where my screen blacks out and I get the usual “Display driver stopped working and has recovered” bullshit message that doesn’t explain jack shit. The game keeps running, doesn’t crash or anything, but it doesn’t show up on the screen when I try to maximize it again from the toolbar, just the sounds play and stuff. I could recover the game before, but I think that was before the Alt + Tab fix update thingy.

So far this has happened with TF2 too, so actually it’s not just GMod that’s causing the issue. I have a GeForce GTX 260 with about 1000 Mb VRAM, latest drivers, enough power and acceptable temperatures. This also occurs randomly, sometimes it takes 7 lamps casting dynamic shadows, sometimes it happens spontaneously. Reinstalling GMod hasn’t helped one bit.

I see others are having problems with nVidia cards too. Is it that nVidia stuff doesn’t like Source, or just GMod, or something?

I get this too, only happens if I’m running Vegas Pro, Premiere Pro and Gmod at the same time.

Yet mine is a laptop card. So you’re not alone on this.