Garry's Mod Occasionally Crashing Every 10-30 Min.

Every 10-30 or so minutes Garry’s Mod will ctd without any errors or anything.
I have tried verifying the game cache multiple times.
I have also tried reinstalling the game, and all addons to no avail.
I have crash logs but im not sure how to attach them to the post.

EDIT: Just removed all addons and its not crashing anymore so it was one of the addons causing the problem, than you for your help.

Put the crash logs in a pastebin and post them here.

Have you tried removing some of your addons? Don’t do it through the garrysmod folder, do it via the workshop.

Ill try removing addons via workshop. The crash log things are in a filetype I dont know how to open. They are in a mdmp file type.