Garry's Mod OCD - Are you OCD?

I hadn’t thought of it till now, but what has really bugged me around in Gmod, is that it takes me nearly hours to get a prop in a perfect position, as shown below, I began using homemade grids that I’ve used for a few weeks to evenly level and align props,

What I’ve been wondering for awhile is how many people in the Gmod community actually care enough about their contraptions to do this? That leaves the question, is anyone else here besides me, Gmod OCD?

Wow, that’s impressive. I’m pretty sure there are other people in my group who are like that, it’s just so hard to get everything perfect.

Took me four hours to get everything that is shown on that image, as perfect as it can get. And it isn’t even finished.


This is a link to an addon called SmartSnap, it is used to create grids on props so that all of your OCD needs are met.

I only use SmartSnap when I’m applying thrusters and axis welds or ballsockets, not to mention, grids on different props are much different and spread out that other props, I find it difficult to use SmartSnap to build things besides getting walls on forts even.

for me everything has to be symmetric.

I like getting my ship pieces lined up correctly (mostly because it helps avoid issues with small ledges in my ship).

As for smart snap stuff, I mostly just need the stuff on double lines (center, center on edges, etc.), so it is good enough for me.

I mostly just like my stuff looking nice

Thank god for SS

Im also gmod ocd. Especially in wire, everything has to work %100 of the time. if 2 people press the up and down button at the exact same time, the contraption HAS to do the right thing.

You shouldve seen my barrel launcher wayy back when i started gmod. It used 2 wheels to push barrels out and i had them spaced PERFECTLY so that it maintained maximum grip but didn’t get clogged. I also added an auto loader with a slidered picture frame that would load and push the barrel. Everything was centered juuuuuust right.

Edit: Thank god for edit.

Love smartsnap.

I was diagnosed with OCD in 4th grade… : O