Garry's Mod on 2 Steam Accounts

I have two steam accounts, one has the Valve Complete Pack, the other has TF2, GM, CSS, and HL2. The Valvw Complete Pack accounts Garry’s Mod is able to access my Half Life 2:Episode 1 & 2 maps, while the other currently cant, is there anyway to fix this?

Buy Episode 1&2 on the account that doesn’t have the Valve Complete Pack.

No way to just tranfer the maps over to the GMod?

Yes but it’s illegal in a way since the account that owns gmod doesn’t own those games

It’s not illegal if you own the game on another account, use GCFScape. You can use it to transfer the maps to your GMOD from another account legally. There is tutorial on GMODwiki but i can’t find it.

Click here for the Gmod Wiki page that the guy above me was talking about!