Garry's mod on iPad 2

Tiny map. Ugliest wireframe graphics. Build stuff. Pose stuff. Save game. Open save game in original pc Garry’s mod. Screenshot or carry on.
I’ll pay extra 10quid for this

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Imagine how easy would be to pose stuff with fingertips instead of ugly mouse button clicks

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Kiwi you are dumb.
Comment here please so I can rate you

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You would have to port the entire Source engine to iOS. So no, this wouldn’t happen.

I love how many people request console ports, even that’s less dumb than this

both are insanely impractical and pointless. the specs wouldn’t do that well even for current gen, no mods, horrible controls

and garry would never port anyways

if you want it that bad get a windows 10 tablet and try it on that

Why care this much about ratings?

Okay from a technical prospective this is going to be a nono. Simply cause it won’t run well and it will have fuck all addon support. Imagine trying to port the most useful of addons onto iOS.

Also how would you transfer your saves?

As said Garry probably won’t port anyway.

Oh yeah impractical.
On a bus I got idea. Don’t have laptop.
In a bed. To lazy to go to comp
in a shower. I will destroy laptop.
In work. Boss will fire me.
On a way or park. Yeah it’s impractical. Sorry genius.

Weren’t there already a setting for cubic crappy play station 1 graphic mode ? Yes. Make it an app what can save game just to save a game and original Garry mod can read that save.
No other maps than construct. No workshop content.

Nowadays there are 4gb phone games.

in a shower you will break an ipad too.

Harry’s mod . Isn’t save game just type of file what reads all prop rag doll and effect position on current saved map?

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I’ll put it in a tesco bag

so basically you only want this because of your own reasons and nothing else, and are too lazy to get a laptop or use a computer

it’s impractical because the ipod wouldn’t handle it properly, and it wouldn’t even be playable control wise. You would have to completely rebuild the entire game from scratch. Good fucking luck even thinking about save porting.

the only way this will ever work is if you use a windows 10 tablet that is MAYBE strong enough for this

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what idiot plays a game in a shower or while working anyways lmao

Basically yes but that doesn’t answer my question on how you’re going to transfer them.

have fun overheating your ipad

Shit windows 10 pretty much answers your question so long as tablets can handle it

Oh god you all are against and lazy just to imagine adding game to handheld devices .
It’s just would be extra touch ui
And again - with worst possible setting graphics.
How it comes I can play a metal gear solid 1 on my android running tablet?

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Copy paste save game file from game directory

the only chance GMod has for being porting to a handheld device is the NVidia Shield since Valve ported the Source Engine to the NVidia Shield.

But still, addon support may be limited anyway.

Freon. Dry ice. Cold shower

MGS1 was made for the ps1 and released in 1998

garrys mod is running an engine that released in 2005-2008, with physics simulations and can have issues with hardware 50 times stronger than the ipod, WITH a GPU inside it

Yeah sorry, not happening anytime soon because Valve probably isn’t interested in porting an over a decade old game engine to the ARM architecture that iDevices use.

have fun… dying?

and you think apple is going to allow game save transfers?

you kinda forgot that apple has a say in what appdata gets out and gets in unless its jail broken

sorry man you’re flat outta luck

My point is having empty x y z map like in hammer
Props and rag dolls would be like just small sprites and with option to flip and or pose them

We should port dark souls over to the nintendo 64 while we are at it

gta 5 on the ps2

witcher 3 for the latest Samsung device

it’s obvious he’s too young to understand hardware limitations so it’s not like anyone is ever going to convince him