Garry's Mod on PS Vita

I know what you’re thinking, I’m not a stupid 12 year old who wants to play Garry’s Mod on the PSP. Any ways, the new PSP comming out looks like a very powerful device, and it does look like it could handle at least a low powered version of Source. For the content and addons, I was thinking you could log into your Steam account, and download the Garry’s Mod content (gmod content only) for the games you own and you want it to download. It would be able to use the Steam overlay as well (through the PSN button, there would be an option for the overlay) I haven’t used the PS3 version of Steam (I don’t own any consoles except PC and PSP), all I know is it uses select to call that up, but I think the way I thought about it was a better approach (?)
Here is what I thought it would look like, as well as the controls…

(screenshot credit goes to

For calling the keyboard I thought it could either come up automatically or if you pulled a tiny little tab up it would throw up, not something to take up the whole screen, just big enough to thumb type on.
Also, for shooting at objects with the tool gun (like holding down C and clicking them), we could just do tapping it on the screen.
Even if it couldn’t work, it’s nice to think about.
What do y’all think?

Edit: I’m not saying this has to happen, I’m saying this is what it should be like if it does happen.

I think Garry said that Garry’s Mod isn’t going to be on any console
And all of this is dependent on whether or not Valve puts source onto the Vita

Again, it’s nice to think about. :wink:

I think the problem will stem like kaze said, if Valve port Source to the Vita or not. As far as I know, they have no real ambitions to move the current generation Source engine to any handheld device. Of course without Source, GMod cannot run (being a mod an’all) so it’s a showstopper.

How many Facepunch users would have a Vita though? Would it be worth Garry putting in the time and effort to port to, just to have a few dozen players buy it?

no but seriously +1 to that idea, if it could happen that is…

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Quite a few of my friends are planning on buying a Vita actually (about 50 of them lol).

Have fun fitting an assload of addons on there

What is the point of the keyboard?

console commands I am guessing

you cant play gmod comfortably with a handheld

This design is impractical. To move a prop around and rotate it, you’ve got to be holding triangle PLUS moving the right analog stick. Do you realize how uncomfortable and impractical that’d be?

Switch the analog sticks. And wait for source to be on the PS Vita. And THEN pray to god they have a ps vita keyboard peritheral.

Well, The PS vita does have some good specs for a handheld. It may be possible. But If I was garry developing this I wouldn’t allow it to connect to multiplayer. Just good ol’ singleplayer sandbox.

And will the vita even support lua?

Also, if crouch is toggle, how will you high jump?

I figured that since you can’t move while rotating an object, it would just be the left analogue stick.

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Uhh, not high jump?

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I was also thinking that there could be a little browser to browse to get addons.

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Text chat if you don’t need to be quiet. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Also, at least let two Vitas connect and play with eachother, and you could change the controls anyway.

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I forgot about the flashlight, thinking about an icon type deal at the top right corner of the screen, (like HL/HL:S/CS1.6) to tap.

Gmod should not be on consoles.


No. This wouldn’t work.

but you could still do it

also, use sixaxis to rotate props

i tl:dr’d the long post so i dont care if im late

I can easily make gmod lag on my $1000 PC full-tower PC, I’d be scared to run it on a little device like that.

Yes I know you could have plenty of fun without causing lag, but we’re talking about consoles here, things have to be retard-proof.

Nice concept, but it’s near impossible

From a top down perspective, it’s impossible.
You’re not gonna push that huge bitch source engine into that little Vita, no way.
Then you’re talking about the amount of strain Gmod takes on a fucking quad core computer doing physics calculations, even with overclocked i7s you still have to parent props like crazy if you want lots of them and want them to run well.
Garry would have to make a new engine JUST for the Vita from the bottom up so that it would be even more efficient than if Valve did it, because running an optimized valve game on that thing is going to be nothing like trying to run the monster that is GMod. It would then either look horrible, be incredibly simple or be incredibly laggy. Hell, it would probably be all of those things.
Gmod succeeds because of multiplayer and a huge community of modders, you won’t get nowhere near that on the Vita and no way are you going to have controls as diverse or smooth as on a computer.
When I first saw this thread, I thought that it would be nice, but it is simply not feasible.
It just cannot be done yet.