Garry's Mod on Windows 10 D3DX9_40.DLL missing error

We are trying to run Garrys Mod on a HP Desktop running windows 10 and running the (Intel® HD Graphics 4600) driver,

Upon successful installation and right after the directx install script runs we get …

" Your system appears to be missing D3DX9_40.dll which is a part of Directx 9.0c runtime which is neccesary to run the game. Press ok to open support link describing how to update your Direcctx runtime"

I have installed the direct x 9 redist. I have copied the dll to the system 32 folder, syswow64 folder and registered it and the error persists. I have copied the dll to the garrys mod folder we have tried everything from the support site yet we still get the same error.

I noticed that the driver (Intel® HD Graphics 4600) is not listed in these files (dxsupport.cfg, dxsupport.xlsx,dxsupport_sp.cfg) from inside the GarrysMod/bin folder, could that be the reason for the Directx error ?
Americas Army and Counter-Strike, trove and Warface all load and run fine ?

any suggestions on a fix for this issue?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi appelent,

It seems that this issue already consists on Facepunch’s knowledge base directory.

Please visit this website URL: to solve the following issue that you’re facing.

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one of these links might be helpful or

just a bit slow :slight_smile:

Thanks GriefMoDz and Taz0 but i have already tried all of those fixes and still get the same error.

I will try the -dxlevel 110 setting and see what that does and post back.

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after applying the dxlevel options setting - i still get the same error, restarted steam, rebooted pc, verified local cache. still same error

Hi appelent,

Have you tried downloading the ‘.dll’ and transferring it to the “bin” folder allocated in your Garry’s Mod root directory?


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yes, one of the first things I did. Still get the error.

I can tell you i installed steam on a laptop running Windows 10 but having a video driver “Intel 945GM Graphics” and the game runs without any problem?

Install the goddamn DirectX redistributable, is that not obvious?

It should be installed for you automatically the first time you launch the game. ( Windows UAC will ask permission to allow Steam to do it )

Hi appelent,

It looks to be that your DirectX 9 is out of date.

Have you tried watching a few tutorials on how to fix this specific issue on YouTube (E.g

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Edit: You probably haven’t even installed the DirectX redistributable as Robotboy655 has stated above.

Already done all of that first thing I did, Still doesn’t work. No need to be rude, when someone asks for help RobotBoy655.

If I wipe all the “goddamn” GarryMod crap out of my computer, it will auto install it - as I stated in my first post, if you bothered to read it? It then immediately generates the exact same error.
And yes GriefMoDz i did watch the video.

Unlike many people first i try to research and correct any issue i run into by myself by looking for answers, that way I don’t have to post and be treated like crap on a forum.

Sorry, but there are too many people who ask for help without even trying to solve anything themselves.

I will have something added to the game by tomorrow, it will allow you to skip that error and try to load the game anyway, let me know if it actually loads the game or not.

Thanks for the reply Robotboy655,

I can appreciate the " no one tries to look for answers" I do have a little background, being I am in Tech Support for 12 years in a high school dist and have a few certifications ( networking, CCNA )

I did get it to work.
After reviewing the previous posts,I realized I followed the post info and downloaded the direct x redist and followed the instructions to run the setup, I then copied the d3dx9_40.dll from that installation to the system folders and the bin in GarrysMod after which i still was getting the errors as i said.

But this time after clearing out everything to get a fresh install of GarrysMod i went back and downloaded the dll from the post and only installed that into the bin folder and upon rebooting it now works.

The dll from the redist is 537MB and the one I downloaded from the forum help page is only 418MB - so i am not sure what the differences are since i cant open the dll to inspect.

I apologize if that is what you told me to do in the beginning, I misunderstood. But i was fairly sure the page said to download and run the redist and copy from there.

anyways it works now

Thank You for all your help!


You are not supposed to copy anything anywhere.

What you are supposed to do, is allow Steam to install DirectX 9 redistributable necessary to run the game on its first launch.