Garry's Mod Online.

Hello I bought garry’s mod yesterday and went to play online and with every server you have to download so much stuff to just get into the game do you know of any servers that don’t have tons of skins etc. to download?

What gamemode do you want to play?

If you’re just looking for normal build, I would recommend my servers:
Basic Build (PHX3, Wire):
Advanced Build (PHX3, Wire, a few more addons, and more popular):

Last time I check Phx3 and wire have so much crap to download you could be there for a quite a while which is the complete opposite to what Rashy wanted.

Thanks for this :slight_smile:

PHX and Wire’s Models/Materials don’t download by default. Only stupid server owners will add the resource.AddFile entries for them. I think the most stuff you have to download to join my servers is 200 lua files (From a fresh download of Garry’s Mod), which are downloading off my 100Mb/s FastDL box.

You’re going to have to download a fuckton of shit if you want to get by. The thing is, you only have to do it once. As you go, you’ll have less stuff to download over time.

Deal with it for now.

Yeah it’s a pain in the ass but you have to download lots of shit sometimes but ehhh when you’re downloading maps and they are downloading really slow just go to and download it straigt from there becuase it’s much faster at least it is for me…

That was one of the most exciting times of when I bought Gmod, finding the downloads n filling your Hard-drive full of shit you’ll never use.

– Good Times…Good Times –

Ok Thanks i’ll try them out soon.

I can recommend Seth’s Diamond Build:

And Seth’s Semi-Serious RP:

Both are popular, have just the right amount of addons, and good admins. :wink:

My Build server.
Only Wiremod and PHX3.
Usually very popular, but not at this time at the morning.
By the way, you should go on, register, download PHX3, just put in Addon Folder and you’ll NEVER have to download PHX3 again.

My no-addons server:

The only thing it has is ASSMod, which is very quick to download and is used for admins to set ranks and stuff.

Its less than about 100KB, youll DL it in about 20-30 seconds at most, it has no addons besides it, no wiremod, no PHX, no nothing.