Garry's Mod Paintball.

Hello. I’m back again working on GMPB. Everything works great. There are some things that need to be fixed, but they don’t mess up the gameplay.

I would like as many people as possible to help test out GMPB at the GMPB Server.

The IP is:

And I have content downloading disabled as it’d take too long.

The Content Pack (Addon format) is located at

Contains everything you need to play. And the reason it’s so big is because of the textures. Sorry, I’ll provide the original if I can find them, instead of my High-Res ones.

The weapons are from Digital Paintball Gold (Used with permission.) as a place holder.

Also if the teams get stacked bind a key to change_team and it’ll pop up an ass ugly VGUI to change your team.

Credits go to:
-Panda X
-The Digital Paintball Team
-and others that I might have missed.

We look forward to you playing with us.

Also if you need to contact me, my Steam name is ZSXTAuxsom.

Here is a little taste of what you can expect from us.

The map is in very early development. Just started today. (about 1 hour of work)
That is just the basic layout of the battle area.

I’ll try and add a 3dskybox tomorrow to give it more of a forest feel.

This looks very fun, I’m downloading the addon now.

I’m in the server right now :slight_smile:

alone :frowning:

I’ll join. I left because I got cought up in something. Sorry to leave you.

The only map it’s on is the only map I can’t download? Oh shit :frowning:

Nevermind, I can join, let’s see it that’s a good gamemode :b

I Owned everybody :v:

This gamemode looks very promising.

Indeed you did.

Also Sassafrass worked a lot on the gamemode last night. The select team GUI looks great now and is accessed by F2. The flags are the appropriate colors per team, and players no longer spawn in each other. Though you can no longer return the flag, and it doesn’t reset on round reset. Quick fix will come soon after some sleep.

May I help you with a map?

Simulated Paintball; Removing blood to simulate something that’s a simulation of something with blood. :v:

Naw, this looks good. Can’t wait to play it.

Yes. We need more maps.

I’m new to mapping but i could give making a map for this gamemode a try, i’ve been busy tonight and i will be tommorow night so i’ll give it a go over the weekend =)

Can you package the newest files?

I’m going to make a map for this :dance:

ep2 config?

Fun. Would be epic in a larger map (forest style map with huts and stuff) but you need to lose some of the almost identical firing guns and introduce new mechanics like paintball grenades (they exist), smoke grenades etc. which would add a new level of tactics and help prevent the gamemode going stale you know?

And this :v:

but they have to fix lots of bugs first guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Sass fixed all the flag/rounds bugs. We’re good to go. Also BlackOps has released his newest map gmpb_woods. It requires EP2. Large woodsy area, nice skybox, a little creek. It’s a great map.

oh well, that’s the end of my road =(