Garry's Mod PERP SkateBoards {Looking to find an old server}

Hey so I’m not sure if this in the right discussion but it doesn’t fall under “help” for playing the game, nor does it fall under addons really so I am posting it here.

After maybe a year of losing contact with this server I am generally curious to find it’s owner.

The Perp Server, which I do not know the name of was very popular at the time running the map Paralake City it had a Skateboard system where you could type /skateboard and you would be allowed to ride a skateboard (which was permanent) . You bought the skateboard from a NPC shop but were only allowed to do so if you were like the top donator which at the time was either 50 or 75 USD.

I’ve been in search of this Skateboard script for months on and off, and I’m finally turning to FacePunch to see if anyone knows the server I’m even talking about. It was very popular back in the day as I said. There is a possibility that there might of been two servers running the perp however I’m not sure.

Any help, any names, anything, would be greatly appreciated.

I’m looking to buy this addon/script for the skateboard.

The server was not Perpheads, it was something before that time.**

sounds exactly like protocol gaming rp (PGRP)

Well, as a part dev for Protocol Gaming (where I assume you saw this) they are just a modified version of the hoverboards addon and I’ve used it in several projects myself.

As for the owner, he hasn’t been online in a few months without a word.

was actually gonna suggest that they were probably modded hoverboards :v:

Would you be interested in adding me in steam I’d like some help with this…?