Garrys mod PERP.

What are the top 5 things you look for in a good PERP Server (in order)?

Firstly: this is not the right section for this.
Secondly: PERP is a leaked gamemode, and posting about it here means that you’re discussing warez, which is not just against against the forum rules but is also frowned upon (especially in PERP’s case).
Thirdly: the top 5 things we’d look for in a PERP server would be this:

  1. Don’t make a PERP server.
  2. Please don’t make a PERP server.
  3. For the love of god don’t make a PERP server.
  4. If you know what’s best for you, don’t make a PERP server.
  5. Don’t, just don’t, make yet another PERP server. Please.

I look for a PERP server without any numbers in it (Ie. not PERP1337.1337 or PERP17 or some dumb shit)

EDIT: But then again, I dont play PERP.

I wouldn’t run a PERP server, like Jocken300 said it’s a leaked gamemode, and usually full of kids.

I don’t look for a perp server

PErvert RP.

why is this dumb gamemode so popular anyway

The only reason why kids play PERP is because, its simplistic, theres no challenge to it at all. Personal PERP needs to die.

I think PERP is a pedophile heaven.

Says the person with an avatar of a 15 year old girl from that kids reaction youtube channel.

I’m the same age as her FYI.

Edit: And she’s 16, not 15.

LOL thats what I was thinking. But dont get offensive this guy loves his PERP.

Because kids like RPs because of cars and guns. In PERP, you can get a buttload of guns and cars in like 2 days contra whoring.

Taken from your steam page is a link to a PERP community: “The Fearless non-DarkRP community!”

Are you calling yourself a kid and mixing yourself in with the stereotype :open_mouth:

…If you have an opinion, share it. Don’t be a sheep and reply with the same opinion as everyone else to fit in :v:

Said nick**_9_8**?

For a second I thought you stopped with the bullshit but I forgot you get butthurt when somebody’s better than you. Also I used to play in fearless, so what? And since when Cider is PERP? I must have missed this one.

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No need to call your friends to back you up either.

Growing weed, Fighting with guns, useless cops. What else we can do with PERP?
Motolov Terror in the tunnel?

um perp can actually be fun so bashing perp so hard for no reason is completely retarded. i mean really compare it to darkrp lol. 300x better

Calm down buddy.
First of all, the numbers in my name has nothing to do with my age, birthdate, infact the numbers mean nothing: it was a suggested name when I signed up for ps3 or something.

Secondly, call in friends?

“QUICKLY GUYS, COME HELP ME FEEL WITTY ON FACEPUNCH BY PRESSING RATING BUTTONS.” I don’t have any of those people on steam, feel free to check.


hm i seem to have read this post before, in the dictionary, right below “unethical”.

so you’ve managed to get butthurt, called someone else butthurt, and a pointless reference to numbers in someones name. Do you know what a number line is? well it counts up like this

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. And it can also go backwards!!! hard to imagine i kno i kno… what is even more mind blowing is that most name suggestions happen to put numbers in order :0 i’m like fuckin carl sagan today man

you’ve also managed to claim that people that like his post must be his friends, because i mean he in fact is in possession of a mind control device, and even if he suggests they should rate a post, that means they have to, and they have to agree with him because they are frandz. I mean it’s either that or he showed them the post and they rated it.

Use your damn head if some guy, even a guy you know messaged you on steam and told you to rate a post, and you think it’s stupid would you rate it just because you know them? Most likely not, well i mean you probably would but the general person wouldn’t. Since you do seem kind of challenged let me put it in simple terms.

Even if he did show people his post, that doesn’t mean they have to rate it. It usually means he showed it to them, and they did agree so they did rate it.

Well i thought i was done calling you out for your stupidity but I suppose not, I’m pretty damn sure in DarkRP, Cider and any other gamemode of the same play style you could get guns and cars in a shorter time period than perp. You’re telling me i should play cider/darkrp/kooromekascript for days on end in order to get higher-tiered items? Not to mention cider and darkrp are actually more fast paced than perp.

So good job buddy not only have you posted a post that makes you look foolish, it’s also incorrect.

Oopsys, had a couple dollars left on good ol’ Paypal: