Garrys mod pet peeves.

Just post what pet peeves about gmod servers or gmod itself.

The one pet peeve that bothers me is when it takes half an hour to load a server, then when it loads up it makes you take a quiz which you always fail at then it autokicks you.

what are your pet peeves?

DarkRP players. :razz:

My inability to think of what to build. :sigh:

Here’s the plan. Play out GMod scenarios while you take a dump, that’s how I get my ideas.

building something and no matter how many things you do something to make it stronger, it still sags

and how if a wheel goes faster than 30mph it either bounces like hell or just sinks into the ground


  1. Little Kids who think they Rping when they are not… then call you names for thinking they’re idiots

  2. Playing kuroscript experimental server… having a good time for about 20min then getting rdmed by an officer then getting permakilled after getting a smoke grenade and before that getting mugged by 4-5 guys.





The average FP user (complete with IQ of 5!)

14 year olds.



And wire.

The average DarkRP player having the IQ of -7.