Garrys mod ping issue

Note-My internet connection is fine on other applications. I haven’t had any ping issues on this server in about 4 months of playing there, it just started recently.

I am able to play other games without issue eg. Toribash, but for some reason on garrys mod my ping skyrockets after a short period. I get on the server, pings fine. 10 seconds later the pings still doing fine, then out of nowhere it skyrockets to 900, jumping by 100 each new reading. I find this very odd, because if it was a standard connection issue, I would think it would have started high and stayed high. I joined another server to see if the problem was with my connection to the first server, but the ping issue persisted. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution? Please don’t respond with typical slow connection fixes unless you think it will really help because this doesn’t seem like a typical problem, not to mention I’ve already tried many typical solutions.

I know with my garrys mod for some reason it decides to download the same workshop addons every time I play the game, This could be your issue maybe steam is downloading in the background while you’re playing gmod.

Are you on wireless?

Yes I’m on wireless. I’m fairly sure that the problem is due to the foul weather my area has been getting lately. I think it screwed up the cable connection to my house. I will contact my ISP to make sure and see if they can rectify the problem.

Still. Get off wireless anyway and use Ethernet for the time being in case it isn’t your ISP and it’s just your wireless hardware causing issues.