Garry's mod ping issues PLEASE HELP

I have had garry’s mod for a week or two and it has been running fine, but in the past few days garry’s mod is unplayable due to extremely high ping on servers (we’re talking spikes of 500+) it started off bearable but has worsened the past few days and i have no idea how to fix it. Playing singleplayer works fine and there are no issues, and I have verified my game chache as well. And I really can’t be bothered to re-install it. so i’m guessing it’s a bug in the game or my internet has just taken a dump on my head.

If anyone has had this problem before or has a solution then please tell me as I love the game and want to keep playing it, but it’s just impossible at the moment.

It’s your Internet, make sure nobody on your network, includng you, does anything network intensive while you play.

Yeah I was just playing battlefield and my internet is awful on that as well, guess i’ll have to wait until it’s fixed.