Garry's Mod "played until the end of life"

Dear Team Garry,Facepunch Studio and all of garry’s mod lovers
I have sad Story between me and my friend

a few weeks ago
my friend called danny was playing Garry’s mod on my computer.
he is my friend at school
for several years he suffered from cancer until he was taken to hospital
but after several weeks he spent the rest of his life in hospital
he always asked me to bring a laptop
he felt bored in the hospital with no activities that make feel good
and finally I recommend him to play Garry’s mod and I bought on steam
and finally he feel happy to play Garry’s mod.

after several weeks he continued to spend time with a prayer and play GMOD, I’m happy because he was getting healthy
until the doctor said "he would soon be healthy and he can come home.
but after a few days I was given the news by her mother
he was playing the computer and says
“Garry’s mod is the greatest game of another game that Garry’s mod can make people who are suffering because of complex diseases”
I increasingly believe that he will soon be healthy.

However, when I’m asleep
exactly at 02:00 hours GMT 7
His mother gave the news that he had died
I feel sad about the news and immediately headed to the hospital
when I arrived at the hospital
I see him die while holding my laptop and he was playing Garry’s mod to the end of his life

Garry and the team should feel proud
because Garry’s mod has been played until the end of life.

This is the appreciation and pride of Team Garry

Garry’s mod “Played Until the end of life”


Felicia Ferra

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

That is damn sad. What else can I say? :frowning:

He is in a better place now. :frowning:

…playing a crash-bug less GMOD at 200+ fps, with PHX, Wire, addons of all types.

One man can dream :buddy:

Also, this was not a trolling attempt. Just wanted to contribute somehow

May he build in peace.

May god give him a physgun in heaven.

Wait. So even though he was dead, The doctors didn’t bother removing the laptop from his hands?


Apart from that, cool story. Brother

Shit man, that’s a sad story

One day in heaven he’s gonna get really bored and start sex posing.

what did i just read

dont troll in this situation D=

Very sad, but it’s nice that he enjoyed what little time he had left.

Damn, R.I.P, I’d personally I wouldn’t want to die playing GMod though…

Damn, what a sad but heart-warming story.

At least he died happily…

Or he got rdm’d in DarkRP and the resulting stress killed him

Wait. First his mother calls you, telling you that he is dead, and then go to the hospital and see him die?

I call bullshit story.

Fuck you. OP is from Indonesia, so English is not his first language. He probably meant ‘dead’, not ‘die’. Don’t call something bullshit just because you’re too ignorant to notice the end of OP’s post where he says he’s from Indonesia. I’m sure he was being perfectly serious. Why the hell lie about something like this?

I agree, but you know, he may be trolling for all we know.
I personally don’t think so, but others might.
OP’s friend, RIP.