Garrys mod player eye and entity height | Help! |

Hello all,
I’m making an entity for Garry’s mod that makes the player shrink, I have gotten the model scale to shrink down but the player entity is still the original size so for example if I drop a on top of me and use the entity the player model will go down, but the prop will be floating in the air above me.

I used: c:SetModelScale() to make the player model shrink

I’d also like to ask how to put the players eye position down to roughly the correct height of the small player models eye height.

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Try using these functions:

to set players’ collision bounds, and these:

to set their’s eye position.

Be warned that the ‘SetHull’ functions are quite buggy.
I’m not really sure about the last ones cuz I’ve never used them.

View offset worked! Thank you bro! :slight_smile: