Garry's Mod Player Model Request

So, I am making a game with RPG Maker MV and I would like to request if someone can make me a Garry’s mod player model of a character from the game

I can’t really pay you for a player model just so you know

The Mod…Cough I mean Sprite is a bit small and little but I’d like to have a tall player model and not a huge one

Here’s what the sprite of the character look like : the face (I want the 1st Face not the other faces): And the best view of the character (battle sprite) :

What does the player model MUST Have : A Black Leather Jacket, A Red Mark on his face, His Wings and his cape(not required), The Same haircut that the character have.

Trust me, you either put some money on the line, or noone will do it, it’s not magic and it’s not done in a day.

Even then very few fish will bite. Trust me, I’ve tried