Garry's Mod playermodel with non-valve biped skeleton

I’ve been thinking about porting bunch of worgen models into Garry’s mod as playermodels, seeing as I already have them working correctly with all animations inside SFM

The only issue I have with turning them into player models for Garry’s mod is that I don’t know how to rerig the models inside 3DS Max 2012 (no clue how to use the skin modifier to rig a mesh onto an existing skeleton) and I don’t know how the workflow of porting a normal model with different skeleton into a Garry’s Mod player model (How the QC file should look? Would resizing the bones to fit the mesh fuck up the animations? Should I use a preexisting skeleton or use a completely new one?)

Then I got an idea… Would it be possible to create a player model with non-valve biped skeleton, if I used the original model animations and named the animations to correspond with the names of the classic Garry’s Mod model animation names?

If not, could someone link me to some tutorials how to rerig the models to Valve biped, or if there is someone who would want to rerig them for me?

Luckily for you I made a tutorial on this exact subject here.

You’ll have to use Blender though, Max destroys the weights when you remove the skin modifier.

Thanks, I will try this tomorrow after I get home from work. The only issue I think I will have is the legs. I don’t know how that will work.

Also it is possible to export the skin weights in 3DS Max and then reapply them to a new skin modifier