Garry's Mod Plus

The project is currently on hiatus.

[release]Garry’s Mod Plus

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Notice: I am currently unsure about the state of garry’s mod plus. Within the near future, I may dismantle the project and isolate major features within separate addons.

Before I go on about listing the huge number of additions, I need developer input about the project and it’s state. Is this something I should consider continuing?

[li]To create a more complete vanilla-feeling GMod and/or stylize the new features in a vanilla fashion
[/li][li]To address small existing bugs, and prevent the need for downloading the latest 5-second fix on
[/li][li]To add to the existing libraries and objects within the game, easing the process of development
[/li][li]To refine SWEP making, not speed it up (see: The SWEP Bases Project)
[/li][li]To add new base gamemodes to compete with fretta, as well as address the lack of unique bulky gamemodes

Future site design:

Standalone Downloads

[li]An AK47 That Shoots Babies
[/li][li]Counter-Strike: Source Weapons
[/li][li]Motivational Orange
[/li][li]VGUI2 Skin

Sounds pretty cool, I personally would love to see more people playing vanilla Gmod.

But I wanted chocolate D=
Jk, I’ll check out the SVN.

This has so much potential if you pull it off.

I can, but it just needs time. Before I even made this thread, I went through over hundreds and hundreds of revisions.

Well then, take all the time you need. No rush.

It’s good to see you have some awesome but still achievable goals in mind.
I’m looking forward to the end result.

I hope you don’t ‘dismantle’ the project :confused:

If you ever need a new team member, I’m up for a part-time job.

As Deco said, hopefully this gets finished.

Looking good.

Lets just hope you pull it off.

Quote from other thread.

There’s also some other guy with the same problem as me, if you take a look.

This is happening to me aswell.

Do not let this thread die. This is the kind of thing that all Gmodders should aspire to do.

Rated all y’all who were nice enough to take time to post in here, thanks for you feedback.

Some of the NPCs are Air-only, as a result can only be spawned when looking up toward the sky, or in the air in general, some of the turrets are ceiling based. Play around with it.

I’m sorry to be so vague, but I’m working on updating SWEP Bases right now.

Just tried it. Very nice :3

I’ve been using the GMod beta as a platform for the development cycle, so I can anticipate bugs upon the future release of fretta. Hopefully by the time it’s release I’ll have a couple base gamemodes out there to speed up and have REFINED GOOD gamemodes.

Status update: running an SVN checkout for the latest revision, I’m wiping my server. It will include Phoenix-Storms and Wiremod. GMod Plus will hopefully become one in the big three.

Oh come on don’t make us download PHX3 and wiremod all over again, that’s just wrong. Besides I’d rather get it from their official SVNs.

Edit : Unless you mean your server will have these, then it’s fine. :v:

I don’t think I’ll be dismantling the project now, I want this to become something big, but it will not be anything without the community.

I’m hoping to restore some justice to the game, and give back or at least tilt the feel of the community.

It seems that GMod 9 must have been the high point of the game as far as community bond, Sandbox was a build gamemode, and people built.

For this reason, I haven’t neglected to include it within the project, and GM+ will include essential Stools, which we can all agree should be in the vanilla GMod:

and so on.

The hoverball is an interesting piece of GMod engineering, I hope to create a new tool similar to this, except have it be an entity which is not limited to linear movement within space, instead, curve to the ground space.

The repulsor is a brilliant example of this, however I wish to create something of release quality, whereas the user would believe that it was truly a part of a Garry’s Mod update.


You do not need to be playing the GMod beta to connect. The server will host these addons, I am not asking for anyone to download them. It is simply a compatibility thing, for testing. However, conceptually there is no way these could interfere.

This is brilliant work, and I hope you can keep it up. :smiley:
EDIT: It’s just what Garry’s Mod needs to give it a little boost. With enough attention, I’m confident Garry would include this in a future update.

This is what I’m hoping. I’m not expecting everything to be included, but absolutely things such as the new STools, and so forth.

Right now, I have a feature called “Community Content” which features things from the GMod community, or references to it. These are things which I couldn’t see, or would doubt seeing in the game.

I’m a little hopeful for SWEP Bases though, I don’t see why those base weapons couldn’t be included. I’m sure people are tired of the bare bones weapon_base.

An AK47 That Shoots Babies (See subtext of request subforum)
Motivational Orange (A play on the unrelease Demon Melon)
Lua Block (From the Lit Fuse Film, War of the Servers)


Server’s up.

Ok thanks for the news update :slight_smile: