- Garry's Mod Port Forwarding -

Hello, I have a BT Home Hub 2.0 Router and the same setting setup on the computer. I have tryed a lot of ways to add Garry’s mod so that I can play online. I tryed adding a range of 27010 - 27015 but then realised Half Life 2 was one of the pre-made ones. I added it and started up Garrys Mod. My friends could sucessfully join me for around 30 seconds and then they get diconnected and the surver then was ‘not responding’. Im not sure how to combat this, I will post a picture of the set up, I did not add a Trigger port, im not sure if that is the problem.

All Idea’s Welcome. Thanks.



This isn’t the place to ask. This is a problem with your router, not Gmod.

How So?


It depends on your router, but here’s what I have. The three ports are open on TCP and UDP and forward to my internal static IP address. People can manually connect using the connect console command and entering my IP. Hope this helps.

No he is doing it wrong, the third line down needs to be 27015-27015 not 27000-27015

No, if he wanted more people to be able to join the server, he would extend it to 27000. Extra open ports don’t break other ones. Please know what you’re talking about before telling people they’re wrong.

Edit: As far as the problem goes, set the trigger port to the either first or last port in the sequence. For example, for the 27000-27015 section, set the trigger as 27015.

Second edit: Is it even asking for your internal IP? If not, you might wanna look around a bit more for that, or just get a new router.

I think this is what you want it to look like