garry's mod Pose!

Here is a Pose by me…

Wrong section, doesn’t know who to use media/img tags. Autobox.

Graphics are very low, there is no fingerposing at all, the posing is downright horrible and the players look like copied versions of eachother.

It’s on very high…

Uhh i seem like such a negative today but its true, i like the gaming machines used but i dont see the point in the pictures, agreed with above post wrong section, use media tags.

The poses are ok but if you fit it into a entertaining comedy strip maybe theyd be ok oh and dont use Dr. HAX lol.

Hakita, he isn’t terrible, maybe not good but he can certainly do it if he takes more time and tries.

I see no traces of anti-aliasing.

Well atleast hes on the road to improvement, hes fixed the pictures. sandmaan, can i add you on steam i want to give you some tips.

well I liked it…

You Can add Bull_head95 on Steam :smiley:

I have added you

Nice idea, but it still doesn’t look good. But hey, you gotta start from something.

What a stupid way of making “Friends”

What an unneeded comment.

On-topic: Good luck on your future posing. Be sure to slap onto the right board next time.

And suppose you know a better way to make friends, hmm?

Use finger poser and antialasing. Maybe faceposer too

Nocollide ragdoll, move arm until it is on the prop the ragdoll is using, finger pose to make it look like he’s interacting with it. Your inability to do this made the Dr. Hax tray holders stand out, along with the guys playing with the arcade cabinets.

My fuckin’ eyes!!!

(Advice: for pictures, even on shit-popper computers, max out your settings)