Garry's Mod Post Processing Put To Work - Cemetery Video

I made a cemetery in Garry’s Mod on GM_Flatgrass. I then added the simple post processing and it came out pretty eerie looking to me. What do you guys think?

Frankly, you did a lousy job with the filters, if you ever use filters make it subtle. Also practice your scenebuilding because that cemetary is not very convincing at all.

That looks horrible you just added so many filters that we can barley see what the hell is going on. Everything is extremely dark and the props glow like they have acid on them.

If this would be a 1 hour video my eyes would be dead instantly, if you tried to make a “film-look” for the love of god please look at some movies first!


I can’t really see what is going on, if I had to nit pick then there isn’t much detail into the graveyard. I don’t really know if there is any detail because I couldn’t see what is going on.

Back to the drawing board methinks.

Looks like you doused the entire video in piss


Work on those filters

now against all the harsh critics, i’ll be gentle.
Map Selection=0/5
Scene Creation=1/5
Video Recorder=2.5/5

or a Total average of 7.5/25
or a 30% and that sir, is an “F”

Oh look, flatgrass with trees and beer splattered on the camera.