Garrys Mod Pre-purchase Questions

Hello, i’ve just discovered what garrys mod is about after a year or so of not bothering to looking into it :S.

Anyway before I decide to buy it, I DON’T like combat, and so im wondering if I will be better of saving my money and putting it towards another game. The create anything aspect sounds great and I love little big planet ( a PS3 game), however since I don’t own a PS3 yet this project interested me.

So what I want to know is:

Are there enough non-combat related ‘game modes is it?’ to keep me interested when im not creating?
Can you make things like elevators, buttons that activate objects (say the wall will only move if a button is pressed), pullys and that kind of puzzle, moving parts style thing.

My last question is do I have to pay everytime it is updated or is the £5.99 a lifetime price?

And ofcourse any tips, or links I may be interested in would be much appreciated.

I hope this is in the correct forum.



It’s a lifetime price, there are alot of rp and various other gamemodes to get your fill of fun.

You only have to buy it once and you have it on your account for life. Updates come free of charge.
Take a look at some of the Gamemodes Releases:
and some other add-ons

Thank you. And in relation to the elevator, question? I will check those links also.


I think there are more non-combat gamemodes than there are combat gamemodes… :slight_smile:

You only pay once.

Tips: Get these addons

And for those that say “(SVN)”. SVN Tutorial:

Lemme focus on wiremod a bit here.
To put it short, wiremod can do 99.99% of what you want to do, assuming you have enough know-how of it.
Just spend an hour watching tutorials and reading documentations, and soon you’ll be making more pulley-activated mingekilling-elevators than you ever knew you could.



Lets not overwhelm the man with these fancy addons, especially wire.

Yes, there’s a way to create elevators and lifts without the use of any of the above.
Also, out of the list, only these I would even consider “needed”

The rest? Nada.

He should still get Wiremod, even if he doesn’t use it, because nearly ever server has it and everyone on the server uses it. He’d see thousands of errors all over peoples contraptions (Or just 1 if it uses E2, lol)

Life-time price, and as far as the Gamemodes I go on, it’s not too combat oriented.

You can make pretty much anything you put your mind to, and wiremod isn’t really neccesary; you can easily make a button that pushes a door, or a hidden bookcase or whatever. This game is very good construction wise, just take a peek on youtube with the forts and contraptions people make.

The machinimas are really good as well, this one has to be my favourite:

Look for Garryware.Great (don’t hit me,DON"T HIT ME AAAAAA) non-combat gamemode.

Well sandbox is standard, so there you go.

One important thing to note is that since Garrysmod is a mod, you’ll need at least 1 purchased Source engine game to run it.

Here’s a list :

Just saying because you said you “DON’T like combat”. :smile: If you have none and really want Garrysmod Half Life 2 Deathmatch is just 5$ and Portal is a must play puzzle game.

Garry’s Mod comes with a gamemode that’s simply…whatever the hell. Sandbox.

Some Sandbox servers disable PvP damage (or slap Godmode on), so there’s your non-combat.

And, as mentioned, it requires a Source game other than GMod to work. If you’re hell-bent on avoiding combat as much as possible, then get it with Portal. Otherwise, here’s your shopping list for prerequisites:

Counter-Strike: Source (It’s content is used so much GMod revolves around it)
Portal (again, FUCKIN AWESOME puzzle game, even if the content isn’t used much in GMod)
EP2 (Content here is used a bunch)
EP1 (People only use this for the Zombine playermodel, but a lot of people use this playermodel, so it’s good to have for textures)
TF2 (This is purely optional, as the content isn’t used much. Get it anyway if you want to be safe though)

GMod will give you HL2 content whether you actually own the game or not.