Garry's Mod Problem Help ASAP Please

*Hey fellas, I was on a server tfos1 the other day and I was being yelled at by players because I had some old binds like raid etc. So being new to gmod I asked how to remove binds, an admin told me to do unbindall or some shit like that, after that I couldn’t walk or use f4 or q or u/z. I reset controls to default in an attempt to be able to use f4/q on the server aswell as offline and it didn’t work. I then uninstalled gmod and reinstalled and nothing changed. I have as a result of anger completely deleted all gmod folders and game from steam. May you please offer some assistance incase it still is broken when I re download. Thanks :slight_smile:

(User was banned for this post ("Undescriptive Thread Title" - Blazyd))