Garry's Mod Problem - Invisible Player Models!


Recently, I’ve had a problem that really bugs me out, it is so annoying.
I play on a PERP server, and sometimes, I just can’t see a specific model, which is really annoying, I can’t see them, only their name above the model I can’t see.
Is there any way I can make find the models, so I can install them, or basically anything, so I can see the models again.

Thank you for reading, and thank you if you post a answer.


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Anyone have a solution?

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Help please, it is so annoying ;(

This is most likely because it’s a stolen perp gamemode, made by little children who claim they can code, but most likely paid $10 to buy from someone else.
If you had LEGIT perp, you wouldn’t have invisible players problem.

You are wrong my friend, this PERP is not stolen since it is PERP 3.0, which was the last legit PERP made by Hunts.
The owners are 18+, so it have nothing to do with kids that can’t code.
It is a bug, more people than me have, so your answer isn’t helpful, not helpful at all.

Actually, unless you’re playing GMod 12, Jon is right. Have you noticed all the perp questions regarding where one can find perp on the H&S? That’s because there has not been an official release of the gamemode since the latter days of GMod 12.

But still, PERP 3.0 was the last PERP released by Hunts.

Even if PERP 3.0 is the last legit version, PERP has not been officially updated to GMOD 13, therefore, every PERP you see is a stolen gamemode. My statement still remains strong. It’s only PERP servers you can’t see your playermodels. I’ve played GMTower, I see my playermodel, I play my DarkRP server, I see my playermodel, I’ve played Sandbox, I see it. Get the point? It doesn’t matter how old the server owners are. They’re still using a broken + stolen gamemode.

Agreed, this is inarguable.

We need a fix for this problem. I have the same here… And please don’t talk about stolen or not stolen… Right now this problem with the invisible players is annoying as hell…


Fixed it!
Heres the fix:

  1. Go in your Steam and right click on Garry’s Mod
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Launch settings and add “-dxlevel 90”
    *3². Go to BETAS and select the “dev-” beta. (Not sure if that was needed but it worked after that)
  4. Enjoy your PERP with visible playermodels! :smiley: