Garrys Mod problems

Well, every now and then when I play gmod and I am playing on a server it will freeze then when I ctr+alt+delete, it wont say it crashed, Their will only be a black rectangle at the top left of my screen and it wont let me click anywhere but my task manager and the start menu bar at the bottom. I try clicking the gmod icon at the bottom as well, but it dosn’t open anything.
I have a…
GEForce GTX 560 TI
8 GB of ballistics ram
AMD Athlon 4 core proccessor
I dont lag on gmod, it just does what it does sometimes.
Please someone tell me how to fix this (crashing) or whatever it is. It annoys me and I cant play the game I am playing. {perp} its only me this happens to. My friends crash, but not like mine.

Please use a nividia GeFore 635+ for running Gmod. if its to expensive for you you just play on a PC.
Its nothing to do with the game but with your laptop, try running gmod on lowest settings, also PERP is a large gamemode… so… i dont think there is a fix. im sorry

I admit you have a laptop, lol

I don’t think he asked for recommendations on a new graphics card, he asked how to fix his issues. How does it even make a difference anyway? His computer is more than capable of running GMod without issues.

Also, how in the hell did you come to the conclusion that he has a laptop?

I’m afraid I have no idea. Are you running in windowed mode or full screen mode? Try running in the opposite, but I find windowed mode is better.

I don’t have an answer, but I would like to chip in that I am having the same problems, and it would be nice to figure out a solution to them.

My system specs are as follows:

Dell XPS 15
i7-2630QM 2.0GHz (Quad-Core)
GeForce GT 540M

Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit

The game crashes randomly, freezing while in-game. Sometimes it happens very quickly after launching the game, other times I am able to play for hours before a crash. It also seems as though it doesn’t always crash the same way. Sometimes it will freeze for about 30 seconds before recovering and allowing me to continue playing. Other times it will completely freeze up and I am forced to end the program in task manager. And still other times it completely freezes my computer, requiring a restart.

When I am forced to end the program using task manager, hl2*32.exe hangs and nothing I do will remove it from memory. This causes an error in Steam stating that the game is already running, which then forces me to restart my computer if I want to re-launch the game.

I am quite positive that my computer is well over the minimum system requirements, as I can run other, higher-end games with no problems whatsoever.

These crashes are very frustrating, and it would be nice to find a resolution to the problem.

Why windowed mode? It isnt full screen and it just annoys me

I have the exact same issue. Not here to claim “Oh yeah me too.” but I’m more than positive some GPU’s aren’t supported with GMOD 13. I was told this and also came to this conclusion. I have a buddy that has a cheap graphics card that really isn’t good at all, and he gets wayy more frames than me on gmod. Regardless of what setting I turn my GMOD on, I get the same amount of frames.