garry's mod problems

ok where to begin! i hae alot! first off when i go over items and other things like npcs half the scrren or some of the screen flashes a color i can kind of see through it but its really annoying and it happens all the time!. number 2! when i go under water it is brown! (single player, everywhere and on every server with water) i can see the bubbles and a few things in it but i cant see through it at all! third which was today this happened i was sick of those problems and i tried to uninstall it i said it worked and was done so i tried to download it! and it started and 51% so i thought it was weird i waited for it to end and i played again and now here comes problem number 4 and 5. number 4, the screen of my tool gun is black and instead its larger and in the corner where it says the name of the tool you are using! and fifth! this is horrible whenever i go to a server and ths is any server my ping automaticaly goes to 996 or something high like that!!! oh and i almost forgot!! mnumber 6… when i eat drugs i crash whenever and where ever but when i have beer or water it doesnt! ok well i hope someone can help me with those… wow that was alot >_<

Update your drivers and get faster internet. Done.

but how do i update my drivers? i have no idea how can you help?

two words, gmod wiki

Awesomedude, add me on steam: Jamsedreng22 I think i might be able to help you.

Delete gcf files of GMOD. Re-download.