Garry's Mod project recruitment

Hello guys and girls!

Me (mapper) and a friend (programmer/coder) are making a whole new Garry’s Mod script from scratch. This will include The Hunger Games matches which will last up to two hours, dune-buggy derby in the desert, players climbing to the top of a mountain/mirrors edge inspired maps and much more.

We’re both kind of lazy when it comes to tasks, therefore we’ve installed Bug Genie to make milestone tasks and such, but we’re looking for someone to assign us tasks in the right order so it’ll be most efficient and the server(s) will be up and running as soon as possible ;).

That’s why we’ll need some new recruits:

Project manager - assigns tasks to us

Modeller - makes playermodels and props (probably very few models, as there’s loads on

Mapper - will make maps for the gamemodes

The project is 100% voulentary, but of course, developers will have perks and all the credits for their work. So if you’re up for some fun which doesn’t require hours and hours a day, (unless you like it that way!) then try to contact me on Steam ( and we’ll figure something out as soon as possible :).

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you soon!

-Of course feedback and questions are welcome on this thread.


Got a few outdated screenshots, but I think they’ll work.

This gamemode could be good, but before anyone on facepunch will even lift a finger to type saying “I’ll help” you need to post content. Pictures of your work, videos of your work, etc. Show that you are not just an “ideas guy”. Show that you are serious about making this happen. Otherwise people will just rate you dumb at leave, leaving you befuddled.

This to me says “I’m too lazy to do the mapping, so I will recruit somebody else and get them and my friend to do the work for me”

can i be ideas guy

I can give you tasks, if I don’t forget.

Posted a few screenshots then :).

Anyways, if shit starts getting serious, I’d like to help with mapping:
First map I ever made, with help
Most recent mapping project, which I stopped with because people didn’t take me serious. I also wanted to do a collab project on a map.

If you got problems getting tasks or ideas for it, i’d suggest first write what you can come up with in notepad of ideas, usually i get ideas when i am bored.

We’ve written most ideas down in notepad and on our developement site, but it would be quite nice to have a very organized person to give reasonable tasks :).

Depends what you want, to make a gamemode or make your own gamemode idea, as the guy that gives the task can change what you want.

Huh, the screenshots look promising. I hope to see it go somewhere. You’ve got talent in mapping, at least.

There’s an infrequently used idea in creating things in a public market that few know. Do something that evokes a feeling from others. Something that makes them say “Wow!” It’ll guarantee your success.