Garrys Mod Prop Hunt: Custom Models appearing on prop death

So in prop hunt, Prop bodys are not suppose to appear and rag doll, their suppose to just flat up vanish when the die. however, with the custom models we have on our servers for the Point shop, those models seem to appear when the prop dies and rag doll, leaving the model there for the rest of the round.

This causes a number of issues, mainly giving other props bodys to hide in which is against the rules, Does anyone know how to fix this? as Ive spent some time now adding all these custom models, and it has just now become a problem all of a suddent ( wasn’t happen eariler)

Theres also another issue, Where if I equip a model, and unequip it I become a black texture less statue till I equip another model.

If you’d like to help me out via actually talking etc and check these issues out yourselves so you can see first hand, Come to NZY US1 | Prophunt #1 or #2 you can also add me on steam at for the easiest way to contact me other then here.

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It is earily where I am, And I’ve been up all night adding tons of stuff to my server etc, so I’m going to go to sleep. I’ll be checking on this post when I wake up :slight_smile: Thanks for any help given in advance~

Bumping post for hopeful answer

Can noone give me a hand on this issue :/?