Garry's mod Q menu bug -HELP-

Hello, Well… I manage an server and since idk the real owner made something he too dont knows, the menu is bugged, Like at vehicles: You just see the L4D colorable … vehicles, but not HL2 stuff etc seats blah blah, and in contect menu when i make rightclick on a prop, it just shows the 2 FPP options, no gravity stuff etc… Idk how to fix, is there maybe a .txt file to be deleted? Like for the prop lists?

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So the owner made something that he doesn’t know what it does? I doubt he made it. Look at recent addons installed and remove all of them, then add them back one at a time to figure out what might be breaking this.

I believe the problem you are having is that you have not mounted or has unmounted HL2 from your server, check your Mount.cfg in SERVER/GarrysMod/Cfg/mount.cfg

Hope it helped :slight_smile: