[Garry's Mod] Question about model self collision

There are a couple of models I have that dont have self collision (The limbs clip through each other). If i spawn 2 ragdolls of the same model,the ragdolls collide with each other but that is beside the point. My question is: “Can i modify the model in some way (Modifying the PHY file or use some kind of program to modify the model) so the ragdoll has self collision”? If so I would like to know. This applies for the games with source engine like Half Life 2 and Garry’s Mod

I think you’d have to decompile the model,go in the .qc file and remove $noselfcollisions or NO_SELF_COLLISIONS (I forgot which) but it doesn’t work foe me because fuck my life… :hairpull: :cry: